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The TWIST 700 in running mode at the CHINAPLAS is a high-speed machine with 18 cavities, thermoforming 24 Oz cups from 1.7 mm PET rolls.


Thermoforming deep draw cups, WM faced different challenges / 热成型高杯,WM面临着不同的挑战:

- Thermoforming thick PET sheet / 热成型厚PET片材

- Cups clarity / 杯透明度

- High speed forming / 高速成型

- High impact on cups’ mechanical characteristics for cold chain applications / 冷链应用要求杯身机械性能具有高冲击强度

- Close edge cutting tolerance after forming / 成型后封边的紧公差

- Close edge rimming tolerance after rim rolling / 卷边后边缘的紧公差

- Lid Fit / 杯盖配合

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in Extrusion, Thermoforming and Rim rolling processes, WM Thermoforming Machines makes it possible to provide a all-in-one solution to their customers. 基于30多年在挤出,热成型和卷边工艺的经验,使得WM Thermoforming Machines向客户提供多合一解决方案成为可能。



The TWIST 700 in running mode at the CHINAPLAS is a high-speed machine with 18 cavities, thermoforming 24 Oz cups from 1.7 mm PET rolls, supported by the elegant and precise stacker model MSv 7, fully synchronized and su- pervised by WM Machine Learning System (MSL). 在CHINAPLAS上展示的TWIST700是一台配有18腔模具的高速设备,,热成型24盎司的PET杯,PET卷材厚度为1.7毫米,在优雅而精确的堆叠系统MSv7的支持,全程通过WM设备的自适应系统WM Machine Learning System(MSL)进行同步和监控。

The MLS system consists of two packages, allowing the user to have full control of the operations / MLS系统包含两个组件,使操作者可以完全控制整个生产过程:

  • MAS - Multi-Axis Synchronization in motion con- trol is giving the operator the possibility to set machine speed and stroke easily just by inputting few parameters. MAS system is using these parameters to synchronize ma- chine and stacking motions without operator overview, to guarantee the perfect power control / MAS-运动控制多轴同步,这使得操作者设定机器速度和行程通过简单的输入几个参数成为可能。MAS系统正是使用这些参数同步机器和堆垛运动,无需操作者的全程观察,保证完善的能耗控制
  • TPM - Thermoforming Process Monitoring stores and displays to the operator, cycle by cycle, the most im- portant process parameters in order to compare the opti- mal parameters with the on-running effective parameters. In addition, the TWIST 700 has more features that make it the ideal machine for the leading companies in food packaging industries / TPM热成型工艺监控为操作者存储并显示每个周期,这是最重要的参数,目的是对比优化参数与运行的有效参数。而且TWIST还拥有更多的功能,使之成为食品包装工业中领先企业而打造的理想设备。

TECHNICAL DETAILS / 技术细节 - Machine specifications / 设备参数: Twist 700 with MSv7 Multistacker

  • Maximum mould dimension / 最大模具尺寸: 705 x 400 mm
  • Maximum Forming depth / 最大成型深度: 180 mm
  • Clamping force / 锁模力: 40 Tons
  • Maximum Forming speed / 最快成型速度: 50 Cycles/minute

Mould specification / 模具尺寸:

  • Cutting diameter after forming / 成型后切割直径 98,7 mm
  • Sheet thickness / 片材厚度: PET - 1,7 mm
  • Productivity / 产能: 9.000 Cups/Hour


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