WM Thermoforming Machines offers new extruders line N.EXT including the following screw diameters:

30 - 45 - 75 - 90 mm

The L/D (length/diameter) ratio is 36.

The output capacity ranges from 180 to 900 Kg/h for Polypropylene material.

All the extruders are single screw, operated by AC motor water cooled as standard supply.

Setting and controls of temperatures are achieved by an industrial B&R PC touch-screen on dedicated pages.


Cylinders and screws are made of nitride steel. Special versions with bimetal and steellite (hard metal tipped) are available on request for the processing of filled materials.

Particular care has been dedicated to the designing of the screw profile in order to obtain the best and optimum homogenising and plasticization of the material.


Special stainless steel covers, easily removable for maintenance operations, protect the heated zones.

All extruders are supplied with continuous hydraulic screen changer to avoid material flow interruption. A separate hydraulic power pack for the filter exchange is also supplied and can operates others co-extruders.


A gear pump system is supplied as standard on all the main extruders. This pump eliminates the possible pulsations into the melt assuring constant and uniform feeding of the extrusion die head.


In case of more extruders, a co-extrusion feed block is installed before the flat die head, in order to distribute the material flow on different layers.

The extrusion flat die head has a flexible lip adjustable by bolts of differential thread to control the sheet thickness, the width is manually adjusted by proper deckling bars.

The most important advantages of the new generation of WM N.EXT extruders may be summarized as follows:


-          Higher productivity

-          Energy saving (less cooling and less installed power)

-          Wear reduction

-          Very good self-cleaning

-          High percentage of regrind possible.