FT Series

The FT Series simultaneous forming and punching thermoforming machine guarantees outstanding product dimensional precision.

The lower titling platen turns through 75 degrees permitting precise rapid ejection of the formings, which are then transported to the stacking unit.

The (patent pending) pivot system uses a combination of servomotor driven cams and levers. It guarantees absolute precision of movement and repeatability and a controlled distribution of forces during the platen movement and cutting phases of the cycle.

The plug movement is controlled by servomotor and provides an even and controlled distribution of the material inside the mould cavity.

Different plug speeds and times can be programmed, which can considerably improve the aesthetic appearance of the forming plug marks due to contact of the plugs with the material.

Differentiated stacking systems can be supplied to optimise the machine speed in relation to the size and format of the items to be produced.

All the machines can be supplied as an IN LINE version, constituting a “production island” starting from the raw material feed in granules through to the packaging of the finished product , including the in-line recycling of the granulated scrap.