Intec 1000

Intec 1000
Main extruder diameter (mm) 120
Max. capacity PS (kg/h) 800
Max. capacity PP (kg/h) -
Co-extruder diameter (mm) 50
Max. sheet width (mm) 1050
Type of calender thermocalender
Max. forming tool area (mm) 1000x1000
Max. trimming area (mm) 960x960
Forming system Vacuum only
Forming clamping force (daN) 40000
Trimming force of separate press -
Note For HIPS plates in mould trimming
Production rate for: (Pcs/h)  
Std. 210 mm plates PS 7 gr. 35.500
Std. 210 mm plates PS 14 gr. 30.000
Std. 210 mm plates PS 16 gr. 28.000